Surrender to wild and exciting erotic stimulation as SKORE VYBES brings a new feel to your lovemaking. Power it on and choose from 7 different vibration modes to experiment with. It is easy to wear, turn on and off and its rechargeable Lithium ion battery coupled with a USB cable can now get you vibes of pleasure as many times as you want.


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    • 01. What are some features of SKORE VYBES?

      Skore VYBES is a rechargeable vibrating ring. The battery lasts for up to 90 minutes and once drained out can be recharged using the cable provided. It has 7 modes of vibration intensity which can be controlled by the remote provided. The product is completely waterproof and makes very little noise, making it the best bedtime companion!

    • 02. Can I use it to enjoy alone?

      SKORE VYBES can be used to have some fun alone, whether a man or a woman. It’s all about getting creative!

    • 03. How to use the product?

      Long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn the product on/off. You can feel the 7 different vibration modes by pressing the power button on.

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